Coming Soon to Joplin, MO

Join us in Joplin, MO as we kick-off our season under the big top! 

This year’s show features some of the most thrilling acts in the circus today… Elephants, horses, high wire, aerial displays, clowns, the human cannonball, our motorcycle stunt team, and our ringmaster and daredevil Joseph Bauer on the original space wheel of thrills!

As you may know, Tarzan Zerbini Circus is the proud producer of the Royal Canadian Circus.  The RCC tour opens April 12th, 2024 in Saint Paul, MN.  For more information and online tickets visit RoyalCanadianCircus.ca

For more info or to book a date, call 888-892-1980 or email Larry Solheim, GM at gm@tzproductions.com.